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  • Space Travel

    Astronauts walking on the moon The Moon is a spherical object that revolves around the Earth and is also the Earth’s only natural satellite. The Moon’s surface is cratered and covered with impact craters that may have been formed by the impact of small celestial bodies.Mankind has been curious about the Moon since ancient times, […]

  • Timespan Museum

    The Timespan museum is situated in the small village of Helmsdale in the East Coast of Scotland North of Inverness,It officially opened its exhibits to visitors in 1987. The museum has been an industry leader in the use of digital technology to preserve human heritage, using the virtual museum to show the rise and fall […]

  • The first Scotsman in space — David Mackay

    The first Scotsman in space was the chief pilot of the billionaire Richard Branson rocket mission, 61-year-old David Mackay of Helmsdale, who brought back Sutherland a stone on a historic flight. he illustrated the possibilities of space test flights and space vacations at the local The Timespan museum, providing inspiration for The Timespan museum hopes […]

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