Timespan Museum

The Timespan museum is situated in the small village of Helmsdale in the East Coast of Scotland North of Inverness,It officially opened its exhibits to visitors in 1987. The museum has been an industry leader in the use of digital technology to preserve human heritage, using the virtual museum to show the rise and fall of the herring fishing industry, upland clearing, the last wolf shot in Sutherl and the gold rush.

The combination of the virtual museum and the physical museum promotes the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage by making it easy for visitors from around the world to view this tangible heritage through the virtual museum, which attracts many like-minded enthusiasts. The combination of virtual and physical museums promotes the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. By viewing these artifacts in real life, one can gain a deep understanding of the historical, cultural and human characteristics of the time.

The Timespan museum is committed to opening up new horizons and engaging visitors to actively construct their own narratives.

The museum is developing the CINE digital heritage project, which examines how climate change is affecting agriculture and fisheries, as well as a virtual reconstruction of the Iron Age site to restore the historical and human scenes of the time and show visitors the evolution of the history of the Kildonan Valley across 4,000 years.

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