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Astronauts walking on the moon

The Moon is a spherical object that revolves around the Earth and is also the Earth’s only natural satellite. The Moon’s surface is cratered and covered with impact craters that may have been formed by the impact of small celestial bodies.
Mankind has been curious about the Moon since ancient times, and myths about it have been told in various countries. 1959 saw the successful launches of the Luna and Pioneer probes by the Soviet Union and the United States respectively.
On 20 July 1969, the American spacecraft Apollo 11 successfully landed three astronauts on the Moon, and American astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong became the first man on the Moon, exploring the Moon on foot for three hours with his teammate Buzz Aldrin. He and his teammate Buzz Aldrin explored the Moon for three hours on foot, experimenting and collecting lunar samples, before returning to Earth on 24 July 1969.

Virtual Trip to the Moon

The Mars Exploration Rover detects Mars

Mars is the fourth closest planet to the Sun and the second smallest in our solar system, with a radius about half that of the Earth. The atmosphere on Mars is composed mainly of carbon dioxide and is thin and cold. Mars is littered with impact craters, canyons and sand dunes, and there is no stable liquid water.
In 1976, the US launched the Mars probe Viking 1, which successfully landed on Mars, becoming the first probe in the world to successfully land on Mars and achieve exploration. In recent years, human exploration of Mars has never stopped, due to the fact that the planet’s geography is very similar to that of the Earth and is the most likely planet in the solar system to have other life besides the Earth. In addition to this, Mars is also a planet for people to move to.

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